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Why are multicellular organisms more advanced than unicellular organisms

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Name the plastid and pigment likely to be found in the cells of (a) petals of sunflower (b) ripe tomato.
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What is the correct answer for the process of water eroding soil? rills, sheet erosion, gullies sheet erosion, rill, gullies gullies, rills, sheet erosion sheet erosion, gullies, rills
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Cathy hypothesized that corn would not grow in mud. to test this hypothesis, she took corn kernels and placed 5 in mud, 3 in soil, and 2 in water. to her surprise, the kernels in the mud grew faster than the kernels in the soil. what error might have caused these unexpected results? a. wrong hypothesis b. not enough variables c. undefined control d. too many variables
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The current thought on the structure of the cell membrane is: a. a static phosphate sandwich of lipids b. a fluid-mosaic of phospholipids and proteins c. a bilayer of proteins with static lipid molecules d. an impermeable bilayer of protein molecules e. a static and permeable phospholipid single layer
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Why are multicellular organisms more advanced than unicellular organisms...
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