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Garfield corporation is considering building a new plant in canada. it predicts sales at the new plant to be​ 50,000 units at​ $5.00/unit. below is a listing of estimated expenses. category total annual expenses ​% of annual expense that are fixed materials ​$50,000 ​10% labor ​$90,000 ​20% overhead ​$40,000 ​30% ​marketing/admin ​$20,000 ​50% a canadian firm was contracted to sell the product and will receive a commission of​ 10% of the sales price. no u. s. home office expenses will be allocated to the new facility. the contribution margin ratio for garfield corporation is

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If his parents cannot alex with college, and two of his scholarships will be awarded to other students if he does not accept them immediately, which is the best option for him?
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At which stage would you introduce your product to the market at large? a. development stage b. market testing stage c. commercialization stage d. ideation stage
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Breakevent point, what-if analysisthe following information pertains to torasic company’s budgeted income statement for the month of june 2011: sales (1,200 units at $250) | $300,000variable cost | $150,000contribution margin | $150,000fixed cost | 200,000net loss | $50,000a. "determine the company's breakeven point in both units and dollars. (b) the sales manager believes that a $ 26,400 increase in the monthly advertising expenses will result in a considerable increase in sales. how much of an increase in sales must result from increased advertising in order to break even on the monthly expenditure? (c) the sales manager believes that an advertising expenditure increase of $ 26,400 coupled with a 10 % reduction in the selling price will double the sales quantity. determine the net income (or loss) if these proposed changes are adopted."
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John has served as the chief operating officer (coo) for business graphics, inc., a publicly owned firm, the past 5 years. which of the following statements about john is correct? both john and the ceo of business graphics must certify to the sec that the firm's financial statements are accurate. as the coo, john will be ranked higher than the ceo but still below the cfo. in john's postition as the coo, it is highly unlikely that he would also be the chairperson of the board of directors. as the coo, john would typically be involved with accounting, finance, and asset purchase decisions.
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Garfield corporation is considering building a new plant in canada. it predicts sales at the new pla...
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