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A company requisitioned $40,000 of materials during the year and incurred direct labor charges of $50,000. If the company began the year with a work-in-process inventory balance of $15,000 and applied overhead of $60,000, what is the ending balance of work-in-process inventory assuming no goods were moved to finished goods inventory for the year? g

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In the fall, jay thompson decided to live in a university dormitory. he signed a dorm contract under which he was obligated to pay the room rent for the full college year. one clause stated that if he moved out during the year, he could sell his dorm contract to another student who would move into the dormitory as his replacement. the dorm cost was $5000 for the two semesters, which jay had already paid a month after he moved into the dorm, he decided he would prefer to live in an apartment. that week, after some searching for a replacement to fulfill his dorm contract, jay had two offers. one student offered to move in immediately and to pay jay $300 per month for the eight remaining months of the school year. a second student offered to move in the second semester and pay $2500 to jay. jay estimates his food cost per month is $500 if he lives in the dorm and $450 if he lives in an apartment with three other students. his share of the apartment rent and utilities will be $404 per month. assume each semester is 4.5 months long. disregard the small differences in the timing of the disbursements or receipts. what is the cost of the cheapest alternative?
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“strategy, plans, and budgets are unrelated to one another.” do you agree? explain. explain how the manager’s choice of the type of responsibility center (cost, revenue, profit, or investment) affects the behavior of other employees.
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If a government accumulates chronic budget deficits over time, what's one possible result? a. a collective action problem b. a debt crisis c. regulatory capture d. an unfunded liability
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Asmall block has a horizontal velocity of 4.00 m/s as it slides off the edge of a table. the table is a vertical distance of 1.15 m above the floor. if g = 9.80 m/s2, how far does the block travel horizontally while it is in the air?
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A company requisitioned $40,000 of materials during the year and incurred direct labor charges of $5...
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