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One of the similarities between product focus and mass-customization is: the use of modules. the variety of outputs. the volume of outputs. many departments and many routings. All of these are similarities.

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Last year, western corporation had sales of $5 million, cost of goods sold of $3 million, operating expenses of $175,000 and depreciation of $125,000. the firm received $40,000 in dividend income and paid $200,000 in interest on loans. also, western sold stock during the year, receiving a $40,000 gain on stock owned 6 years, but losing $60,000 on stock owned 4 years. what is the firm's tax liability?
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The following accounts are denominated in pesos as of december 31, 2015. for reporting purposes, these amounts need to be stated in u.s. dollars. for each balance, indicate the exchange rate that would be used if a translation is made under the current rate method. then, again for each account, provide the exchange rate that would be necessary if a remeasurement is being made using the temporal method. the company was started in 2000. the buildings were acquired in 2002 and the patents in 2003. (round your answers to 2 decimal places.) exchange rates for 1 peso are as follows: 2000 1 peso = $ 0.28 2002 1 = 0.26 2003 1 = 0.25 january 1, 2015 1 = 0.24 april 1, 2015 1 = 0.23 july 1, 2015 1 = 0.22 october 1, 2015 1 = 0.20 december 31, 2015 1 = 0.16 average for 2015 1 = 0.19
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Jose recently died with a probate estate of $900,000. he was predeceased by his wife, guadalupe, and his daughter, lucy. he has two surviving children, pete and fred. jose was also survived by eight grandchildren, pete’s three children, naomi, daniel, nick; fred’s three children, heather, chris and steve; and lucy’s two children, david and rachel. jose’s will states the following “i leave everything to my three children. if any of my children shall predecease me then i leave their share to their heirs, per stirpes.” which of the following statements is correct? (a) under jose’s will rachel will receive $150,000. (b) under jose’s will chris will receive $150,000. (c) under jose’s will nick will receive $100,000. (d) under jose’s will pete will receive $200,000.
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Milton inc. is a large corporation preparing to acquire quick grow, a start-up business. milton has many policies and procedures based on years of experience. employees at quick grow are used to figuring out the best practices as they go along. how can milton's hr professionals the company prepare for the acquisition to succeed in spite of these differences? a. by replacing quick grow's employees with new employees who will follow rules. b. by reassuring everyone that any differences will disappear after the acquisition. c. by identifying the differences and developing employees' skills in conflict resolution. d. by planning systems to ensure there are no conflicts following the acquisition. e. by training employees in how to set up new hr systems
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One of the similarities between product focus and mass-customization is: the use of modules. the var...
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