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Delta of a call option is 0.85. Stock price is currently $50. How much money do you need to borrow to hedge a short position in 200 call contracts

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Marvin wrote a check of $58.25 for the water bill and $450 for rent. he also made a deposit of $124.16. how much is his new balance after writing the checks and making the deposit?
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The following information is available for juno company for the month ending june​ 30, 2019. ​* balance as per the bank statement is $ 11 comma 000. ​* balance as per books is $ 10 comma 400. ​* check​ #506 for $ 1 comma 200 and check​ #510 for $ 900 were not shown on the june​ 30, bank statement. ​* a deposit in transit of $ 3 comma 346 had not been received by the bank when the bank statement was generated. ​* a bank debit memo indicated an nsf check for $ 70 written by jane smith to juno company on june 13. ​* a bank credit memo indicated a note collected by the bank of $ 1 comma 900 and interest revenue of $ 51 on june 20. ​* the bank statement indicated service charges of $ 35. what is the adjusted book​ balance?
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Transactions that affect earnings do not necessarily affect cash. identify the effect, if any, that each of the following transactions would have upon cash and net income. the first transaction has been completed as an example. (if an amount reduces the account balance then enter with negative sign preceding the number e.g. -15,000 or parentheses e.g. (15, cash net income (a) purchased $120 of supplies for cash. –$120 $0 (b) recorded an adjustment to record use of $35 of the above supplies. (c) made sales of $1,370, all on account. (d) received $700 from customers in payment of their accounts. (e) purchased equipment for cash, $2,450. (f) recorded depreciation of building for period used, $740. click if you would like to show work for this question: open show work
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Sell or process further rise n' shine coffee company produces columbian coffee in batches of 6,000 pounds. the standard quantity of materials required in the process is 6,000 pounds, which cost $5.50 per pound. columbian coffee can be sold without further processing for $9.22 per pound. columbian coffee can also be processed further to yield decaf columbian, which can be sold for $11.88 per pound. the processing into decaf columbian requires additional processing costs of $10,230 per batch. the additional processing also causes a 5% loss of product due to evaporation. a. prepare a differential analysis dated october 6 on whether to sell regular columbian (alternative 1) or process further into decaf columbian (alternative 2). for those boxes in which you must enter subtracted or negative numbers use a minus sign.
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