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Austin's total fixed cost at the bakery is $3,600 a month. Austin employs 20 workers and pays each worker $8 an hour. The marginal product of the twentieth worker is 12 iced cupcakes an hour. What is the marginal cost of the last cupcake produced by the last worker Austin hired?

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Firms j and k compete in producing photo cameras. each firm can develop either an economy camer (e) or a deluxe camera (d). according to the best available market research, the firms' resulting profi are given by the accompanying payoff table: firm k e 30, 55 50, 60 di 40,75 firm j 25, 50 the firms make their decision independently, and each is seeking its own maximum profit. what equilibrium outcome(s) could be expected (nash equilibrium in pure strategies)? suppose that firm k has a lead in development and so can move first. draw a decision tree for two companies. what equilibrium in this sequential game will we see? .
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In the supply-and-demand schedule shown above, the equilibrium price for cell phones is $25 $100 $200
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If art has a 7/1 arm, how long will the fixed interest rate be applied to his loan?
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Which of the following mechanisms would be most likely to motivate managers to act in the best interests of shareholders? eliminate a requirement that members of the board of directors have a substantial investment in the firm’s stock. increase the proportion of executive compensation that comes from stock options and reduce the proportion that is paid as cash salaries. decrease the use of restrictive convenants in bond agreements. elect a board of directors that allows managers greater freedom of action.
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Austin's total fixed cost at the bakery is $3,600 a month. Austin employs 20 workers and pays each w...
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