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A registered representative is interviewing a new customer, age 27. The customer wants to list capital appreciation as the primary investment objective for the account and is willing to take a moderate degree of risk at this time in her life. The customer also notes concern about inflation and how it will impact her portfolio over time. Required:
What investments is the most suitable recommendation?

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Afirm wants to strengthen its financial position. which of the following actions would increase its current ratio? a. reduce the company's days' sales outstanding to the industry average and use the resulting cash savings to purchase plant and equipment.b. use cash to repurchase some of the company's own stock.c. borrow using short-term debt and use the proceeds to repay debt that has a maturity of more than one year.d. issue new stock, then use some of the proceeds to purchase additional inventory and hold the remainder as cash.e. use cash to increase inventory holdings.
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The blumer company entered into the following transactions during 2012: 1. the company was started with $22,000 of common stock issued to investors for cash. 2. on july 1, the company purchased land that cost $15,500 cash. 3. there were $700 of supplies purchased on account. 4. sales on account amounted to $9,500. 5. cash collections of receivables were $5,500. 6. on october 1, 2012, the company paid $3,600 in advance for a 12-month insurance policy that became effective on october 1. 7. supplies on hand as of december 31, 2010 amounted to $225. the amount of cash flow from investing activities would be:
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The company is experiencing an increase in competition, and at the same time they are building more production facilities in southeast asia. in this scenario, the top management team is most likely to multiple choice increase the cost of their products. restructure to reflect a more bureaucratic, stable organization. pull decision-making responsibility from low-level management, taking it on themselves. give lower-level managers the authority to make decisions to benefit the firm. rid themselves of all buffering product.
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"quilcene oysteria farms and sells oysters in the pacific northwest. the company harvested and sold 7,100 pounds of oysters in august. the company’s flexible budget for august appears below: quilcene oysteria flexible budget for the month ended august 31 actual pounds (q) 7,100 revenue ($4.15q) $ 29,465 expenses: packing supplies ($0.25q) 1,775 oyster bed maintenance ($3,100) 3,100 wages and salaries ($2,300 + $0.25q) 4,075 shipping ($0.70q) 4,970 utilities ($1,200) 1,200 other ($480 + $0.01q) 551 total expense 15,671 net operating income $ 13,794 the actual results for august appear below: quilcene oysteria income statement for the month ended august 31 actual pounds 7,100 revenue $ 26,800 expense s: packing supplies 1,945 oyster bed maintenance 2,960 wages and salaries 4,485 shipping 4,700 utilities 1,010 other 1,171 total expense 16,271 net operating income $ 10,529"prepare a report showing the company's revenue and spending variances for august
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