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How does McBeth feel about the witches predictions?

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Read the selection below and answer the question. an open boat by alfred noyes o, what is that whimpering there in the darkness? 

 'let him lie in my arms. he is breathing, i know.
 look. i'll wrap all my hair round his neck' – the sea's rising,
 the boat must be lightened. he's dead. he must go.' 

 see - quick - by that flash, where the bitter foam tosses, 
 the cloud of white faces, in the black open boat, 
 and the wild pleading woman that clasps her dead lover 
 and wraps her loose hair round his breast and his throat.
 'come, lady, he's dead.' - 'no, i feel his heart beating,
 he's living, i know. but he's numbed with the cold. 
 see, i'm wrapping my hair all around him to warm him.' -
- 'no. we can't keep the dead, dear. come, loosen your hold.

 'come. loosen your fingers.' - 'o god, let me keep him! ' -
 o, hide it, black night! let the winds have their way! 
 and there are no voices or ghosts from that darkness, 
 to fret the bare seas at the breaking of day. the imagery and word choice in the second stanza creates a tone of liveliness and joy danger and gloom silence and peace anger and hostility
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Identify elements of peril's style. what words and phrases best suggest her perspective, or point of view, on pink think?
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Tme pemaining 59: 47 read this excerpt from the miracle worker annie the only time i have trouble is when i'm til (but she is amused at herself, as is anaonos) is it my fault it's so often? i won't give them trouble, me anagnos, ll be so ladylike they won't notice i've come anagnos annie, be humble it is not as if you have so many offers to pick and choose. you will need their affection working with this child which word best describes annie in this excerpt? intelligent reckless confident polite save mark this and retum
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Speaking rapidly in a large gymnasium causes your words to run together; making them hard to distinguish. true false
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How does McBeth feel about the witches predictions?...
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