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Choose the sentence that best uses an antonym as a context clue to clarify the meaning of the italicized words. (5 points) a
She tried to quell the noise, but the car alarm continued to ring.
He did not want to assert himself, so he went home after an hour.
I really don't wish to intrude, but everyone is irritated at the neighbor's howling dog.
The students cheered for the team with a vengeance while eating popcorn

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Write f if the group of words is a fragment and s if it is a complete sentence. if its a sentence underline it and verb twice. 1.)the northern road from barcelona. 2.)whether he intends to follow through on his threat. 3.)the committee discussed a school anniversary celebration. 4.)within minutes of the appearance of the first flash. 5.)a glass of orange, belgian waffles, and coffee. 6.)frightened by an early morning phone call. 7.)unfortunately, the package was shipped to the wrong address. 8.)she likes to read novels of espionage. 9.)which can be found in any reputable reference book. 10.)asked for and received a second opportunity.
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Me ! it's e2020! review the line from karin slaughter's npr interview."and with each page, that's what i try to do- is say something different about the character, something different in the reactions when they find these horrible things that are happening, or they figure out a piece of the puzzle."how does this view contract with lee child's central idea in "a simple way to create suspense"? a • child feels that the characters are not important to the plot. slaughter feels characters are central. b • child feels that characters must be unattractive and uninteresting. slaughter feels they must have reactions. c • slaughter builds suspense through her characters. child builds suspense by delaying answers. d • slaughter builds suspense by writing puzzles. child builds suspense by telling anecdotes. ​
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How now how now chop logic what is this proud and i you and i you not and yet not proud mistress minion you me no nor proud me no proud
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Choose the sentence that best uses an antonym as a context clue to clarify the meaning of the italic...
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