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Fr ponts I want to commit su*cide life sucks

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When first i engaged in this work, i resolved to leave neither words nor things unexamined, and myself with a prospect of the hours which i should revel away in feasts of literature . . –preface to a dictionary of the english language, samuel johnson what is the connotation of the word revel in this passage?
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Which best describes the meaning of the term “universal truths”?
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Match each persuasive technique with the excerpt that uses it. expert opinion association emotional appeal scientific data compared to the yearly average of 6.5 million square kilometers between 1979 and 2010 for september, the arctic sea ice shrank below 4 million square kilometers in september 2012, which is lower than any minimum value observed in the last three decades. (european environmental agency, “the melting arctic") arrowright according to morten olsen, chair of a recent arctic council assessment of changes on arctic snow-and ice-conditions, "changes in the climate and cryosphere risk fundamentally altering the arctic ecosystems." (european environmental agency, “the melting arctic") arrowright sip a cup of turbo brown to taste the liberating power of flying through your day's work like a cruising jet. arrowright if we don't step up our efforts, the melodious songs of these beautiful birds might be silenced forever. arrowright
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You will read a story and a prompt. then, you will organize your own story ideas in the narrative organization chart.view the grading rubric as you complete your work. this is your guide to a super the narrative "grounded."in the narrative organization chart, plan your own story based on this writing prompt.important: save the organizer, immediately, to your computer or are writing a continuation of the story, “grounded,” so be sure to use some details from this story as you organize your narrative.complete each box on your narrative organization your work to your computer or drive.submit your work in 03.02 planning your narrative.if you cannot save your chart, you can type the information into a document and submit.
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Fr ponts I want to commit su*cide life sucks...
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