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Consider the role of religion in Bradstreet's poetry. While one wouldn't necessarily categorize the three poems we read in class as specifically religious, they certainly demonstrate aspects of the Puritan belief system and well as Bradstreet's own beliefs. Discuss where you see examples in at least two of the poems and why these examples are important to understanding

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Mr. underwood's editorial defending tom robinson is surprising because he's described as not wanting to be near negroes it's a dangerous stance to take at that time he had been neutral during the trial he wasn't in the courtroom
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Can someone give me the main topics discussed in english segment 2 dba ( lesson 3.09 )
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Millicent sat down at her desk in the big study hall. tomorrow she would come to school, proudly, laughingly, without lipstick, with her brown hair straight and shoulder length, and then everybody would know, even the boys would know, that she was one of the elect. teachers would smile , thinking perhaps: so now they've picked millicent arnold. i never would have guessed it. —"initiation," sylvia plath what inference can be made about millicent from the way she is characterized indirectly? millicent is a student with straight brown hair. millicent does not usually take care of her appearance. millicent has not always been popular.
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Read the rough draft of a student's conclusion to anargumentative editorial.(1) year-round schooling would student achievement.(2) not so much information would have to be crammed intonine months. (3) furthermore, the elimination of long breaks,particularly summer break, would significantly reduce"learning loss" and the additional time wasted at thebeginning of each academic year to reteach previouslylearned material. (4) it is clear that year-round schooling students learn and retain more. (5) the united staleis not the only country to experiment with a year-roundschool schedule. (6) although many still claim that evidenceabout year-round school and its link to higher achievement isinconclusive, these people need to open their eyes and seethat students in these schools consistently score higher oncertain assessments than students who attend schools withtraditional nine-month calendars. (7) it is about time that wereplaced our outdated and inefficient school calendars.which best revises sentence 6 to create a more appropriate and respectful tone
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Consider the role of religion in Bradstreet's poetry. While one wouldn't necessarily categ...
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