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"A Tale" reads like an old myth. why do you think koirala chose to clothe a modern story in such an ancient garb

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What do u think u might go with a bestfriend that u don’t do with everyday friends( school friends)
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Tme pemaining 59: 47 read this excerpt from the miracle worker annie the only time i have trouble is when i'm til (but she is amused at herself, as is anaonos) is it my fault it's so often? i won't give them trouble, me anagnos, ll be so ladylike they won't notice i've come anagnos annie, be humble it is not as if you have so many offers to pick and choose. you will need their affection working with this child which word best describes annie in this excerpt? intelligent reckless confident polite save mark this and retum
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Which quotation best expresses a major theme of this speech? "i saw my evil day at hand. the sun rose dim on us in theo morning, and at night is sunk in a dark cloud, and looked likea ball of fire.""i am much grieved, for i expected, if i did not defeat you, too hold out much longer, and give you more trouble before ! surrendered."m"we went to our great father. we were encouraged. hiso great council gave us fair words and big promises, but wegot no satisfaction.".**we told them to let us alone; but they followed on andbeset our paths, and they coiled themselves among us likethe snake."
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Read the lines from "there was a child went forth" and answer the question. and the apple-trees cover'd with blossoms, and the fruit afterward, and wood-berries, and the commonest weeds by the road; and the old drunkard staggering home from the out-house of the tavern, whence he had lately risen, and the school-mistress that pass'd on her way to the school, and the friendly boys that pass'd—and the quarrelsome boys, and the tidy and fresh-cheek'd girls—and the barefoot negro boy and girl, and all the changes of city and country, wherever he went. which poetic device is exemplified in this stanza? select all that apply. allegory anaphora imagery metaphor
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"A Tale" reads like an old myth. why do you think koirala chose to clothe a modern story i...
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