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Were kshatriyas higher or lower than vaisyas

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In what ways did president richard nixon send mixed messages regarding civil rights? a. he placed southerners on federal courts and increased busing. b. he supported segregation as well as affirmative action. c. he criticized school busing but initiated affirmative action. d. he increased school busing but vetoed affirmative action.
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What motivated germany to make an alliance with austria-hungary?   a.  fear of aggression from the united states      b.  fear of aggression from france      c.  the desire to invade russia      d.  fear of aggression from england
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Identify one specific example of how the enlightenment characterized a change in economic thought from the past
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Nationalism led to major conflicts following world war i, especially when:
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Were kshatriyas higher or lower than vaisyas...
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