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You have been hired to write the lyrics to a song titled “Who or What Decides What You Get?” Your song
should be sung to the tune of any popular or well-known song. The lyrics must explain the difference
between a market economy and a command economy. You may create one song that includes informa-
tion about both market and command economies. Or you can create two versions of the song—one about
market economies and one about command economies.

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Need on these last 2 questions on my social studies homework 5 and 6 then i’m done with the homework
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John locke viewed the social contract as a choice or "consent of the governed", where the people possess the power to change government. how did thomas hobbes see the social contract? man is born in chains, but can be set free through good deeds. man is born happy, but becomes more miserable as he ages. man is born poor, but can rely on other individuals for security. man is born selfish, but can give up some freedom in return for security provided by the government.
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The immigration act of 1924 was considered outdated by the 1960s
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Match your vocabulary word to its definition. 1. hectare reduced ability of the soil to support life 2. land degradation of spain and portugal 3. mangrove the pressing of soil particles closer together reducing the amount of air between particles 4. salinization 2.5 acres 5. junta group that controls the government 6. iberian small tropical tree 7. compaction higher than normal salt content in the soil
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You have been hired to write the lyrics to a song titled “Who or What Decides What You Get?” Your so...
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