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Your birthday was in June and your rich Aunt Edna, who had been acting a little weird lately, gave you a check for $25,000 to help you celebrate. You opened a checking account with this money by making a DEPOSIT on June 16th and proceeded to have the time of your life! ​The first thing you did was move out of your parent’s house and into a high-rise apartment near downtown. On June 25th, you wrote CHECK #101 to the Trumble Tower for $1800 which included a $600 deposit. You wanted your “new” flat to be really cool, so you decided to decorate it with style and taste. You bought a home theater system and television at Best Buy using your Mastercard. At Rooms-To-Go, you purchased a living room set and bedroom set using your VISA card. You used your DEBIT card on July 4th for a $129.45 purchase at Macy’s. You invited all your friends over the following Saturday night for pizza and drinks and paid for it with your Mastercard.
On July 8th you realized that you needed some food and supplies for a day at the beach. First you went to Starbucks for breakfast using your DEBIT card to pay the $12.83 bill. You stopped at Walmart and bought $132.56 in food and supplies using your DEBIT card. At Kroger’s you used your DEBIT card to purchase $52.23 of groceries and your VISA card to buy gas. You also stopped by the ATM machine at your bank to withdraw $100 for the day at the beach.
On July 15th, you filled out a DEPOSIT slip for your paycheck of $250 since you forgot to sign up for direct deposit. After driving to and from the beach, you realized you needed a new car! You decided to go car shopping on July 16th since you did not have to work that day. At Best Friend Ford, you found the perfect car for $12,498.99! You wrote CHECK #102 for the car. Since you got a new car, you decided that you needed to look good while driving it so you went shopping on July 19th. You purchased clothing at H&M and Abercrombie & Fitch using your Mastercard.
Since you had been driving around in a new car wearing new clothes, your friends decided that they wanted to be paid the money that you owed them. Paul Smith accepted the $20 CHECK #103 you wrote him on July 21st. Linda Boltman and Max Badger wanted cash immediately so you went to the nearest gas station with an ATM and withdrew $80 in cash to pay them on July 23rd. Your bank charged you an ATM service FEE of $2.50 for the withdrawl.
At the end of the month, the bills started to arrive. You forgot to set up online banking with your checking account so you had to write checks. You paid the utility company Greenhouse Energy with CHECK #104 for $155.87 on July 25th, paid AllConnect with CHECK #105 for $150 for TV, internet, and phone on July 27th, paid Mastercard with CHECK #106 for $1518.23 on August 3rd, and paid VISA with CHECK #107 for $1994.02 on August 5th. You wrote a DEPOSIT slip on August 1st for your $250 paycheck and got $30 cash back with the deposit.


Check Register Codes
ATM – ATM Withdrawal​​​​DEB – Debit Card​​​DEP – Deposit
FEE – Checking Account Fee​​​### (check number) – Check


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