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In this activity, you will reference two primary-source historical documents: Declaration of Sentiments by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Pearl Harbor speech by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Before you read the documents, read these instructions. Using what you learned in this unit, examine the sources provided to answer these questions:

Who authored the document?
What is the purpose of the document?
When was the document written?
What significant historical event or movement does the document represent?
You may need to do additional research to answer the above questions.

Read each primary-source document critically while thinking about these questions:

Do you notice any exaggeration, stereotype, or emotional appeals that may hint at the author’s bias?
How does the author form his or her argument?
What are the important themes, main ideas, and arguments presented in the document?
As you read, take

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In this activity, you will reference two primary-source historical documents: Declaration of Sentime...
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