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On hundred and fifty-one (151) De Anza College students were surveyed and asked two questions: (1) How many units are you taking this quarter, and (2) How many hours of television do you watch per day. The chart below summarizes the data. We wish to conduct a hypothesis test to determine if the number of units a student takes is independent of the number of hours per day of television the student watches.

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How many of the 250 grandparents in the population would you expect to prefer online shopping with merchant a? merchant a: 4 merchant b: 6 merchant c: 2 merchant d: 3 other: 5 none: 5 answer choices: a.about 4 b.about 8 c.about 40 d.about 21
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The average number of vehicles waiting in line to enter a parking lot can be modeled by the function f left parenthesis x right x squared over 2 left parenthesis 1 minus x right parenthesis endfraction , where x is a number between 0 and 1 known as the traffic intensity. find the rate of change of the number of vehicles waiting with respect to the traffic intensity for the intensities (a) xequals0.3 and (b) xequals0.6.
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Lydia collected two sets of data one set of data shows an outlier. which set has an outlier, and which number is the outlier?
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In the following diagram it is given that dec,ab || dc, ad || eb, and ad is congruent to bc. a)why isn't abc a parallelogram even though it has a pair of parallel sides and a pair of congruent sides b)explain why be must be congruent to bc. further explain what type of triangle this makes triangle abc and what it tells you about angle 1 and angle 2c) finally why must angle 3 be congruent to angle 1? further, explain why we know that angle 3 is congruent to angle 2
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On hundred and fifty-one (151) De Anza College students were surveyed and asked two questions: (1) H...
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