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What is the effective interest rate of a 3 month treasury bill at 6.250%?

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Choose the linear inequality that describes the graph. the gray area represents the shaded region. a: y ≤ –4x – 2 b: y > –4x – 2 c: y ≥ –4x – 2 d: y < 4x – 2
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Roger could feed 5 walruses with 4 kilograms of fish. how many walruses could he feed with 7.2 kilograms of fish?
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From a party ,lori made a fruit punch from 1 gallon of orange juice ,2 quarts of grape juice,5 pints of pineapple juice,and 12 cups of cranbarry juice order the juice from least to greatest amount used in the fruit punch
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Aking and his army will attempt to capture a fortress. the left and right flanks break off from the main group to attack the west and east guard towers. suppose the left flank has a 60% chance of success and the right flank has a 75% chance of success, independently of one another. if both flanks capture their respective targets, then the king has a 98% chance of successfully taking the fort. if, however, only the left flank captures its tower, the king has an 80% chance of success; if only the right flank succeeds, the king has a 50% chance. if both flanks fail, then the king's chance of capturing the fort drops to 20%. it turns out the king captures the fort. what is the probability that one, and only one, flank was successful (either the left, or the right, but not both)? (round your answer to 3 decimal places)
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What is the effective interest rate of a 3 month treasury bill at 6.250%?...
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