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Which of these is a true statement? a) sound travels through gases easier than liquids. b) sound travels through solids easier than liquids. c) sound sometimes travels easier through gases than solids. d) sound travels through solids, liquids, and gases at the same speed.

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The diagram shows a person using a piece of gym equipment to lift weight which best describe the body in terms of simple machine
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The base of a 50-meter tower is at the origin; the base of a 50-meter tree is at (0, 50, 0). the ground is flat and the z-axis points upward. the following parametric equations describe the motion of six projectiles each launched at time t = 0 in seconds. (i) r (t) = (50 + t2)k (ii) r (t) = 2t2 j + 2t2k (iii) r (t) = 50 i + 50 j + (50 − t2)k (iv) r (t) = 2t j + (50 − t2)k (v) r (t) = (50 − 2t) i + 2t j + (50 − t)k (vi) r (t) = t i + t j + tk (a) which projectile is launched from the top of the tower and goes downward? at time t = , the projectile hits the ground at point (x, y, z) = . (b) which projectile hits the top of the tree?
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What is the efficiency of an engine that does 80 j of work and exhausts 320 j of heat while taking in 400 j of heat ? a. 10% b. 20% c. 80% d. 25%
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Calculate the minimum energy required to remove one proton from the nucleus 126c. this is called the proton-removal energy. (hint: find the difference between the mass of a 126c nucleus and the mass of a proton plus the mass of the nucleus formed when a proton is removed from 126c.) express your answer with the appropriate units. emin e m i n = nothing nothing request answer part b how does the proton-removal energy for 126c compare to the binding energy per nucleon for 126c, calculated using eb=(zmh+nmn−azm)c2?
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Which of these is a true statement? a) sound travels through gases easier than liquids. b) sound tr...
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