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Keeley, a new student at central high in knoxville, tn, just moved from seattle, wa. keeley would really like to make new friends at her new high school, so she decides to attend the club fair. while attending the club fair, keeley decides to sign up for dream interpretation club, which meets before school. keeley plans to attend a few meetings before deciding whether to become a member.
a. describe how each of the following could assist keeley with forming friendships with the twenty-five members. definitions alone will not score.
•mnemonic device
•operant conditioning
•mere exposure effect
•reticular activation system
b. describe how each of the following could hinder keeley from forming friendships. definitions alone will not score.
•sympathetic nervous system
•circadian rhythm
•drive-reduction theory

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A. Describe how each of the following could assist Keeley with forming friendships with the twenty-five members. Definitions alone will not score.
•Mere exposure effect
He has to let himself be exposed as a new student to meet friends that can be with him.

B.Describe how each of the followings could hinder Keeley from forming friendships. 
•Drive-reduction Theory 
If Keeley would stop himself from being with other and exposing himself, he wouldn't meet friends in the school.
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