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Using algebra, prove that 0.136 (3,6 recurring) is equal in value to 1/33.

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Aschool puts on a play. the play costs $1,200 in expenses. the students charge $4.00 for tickets. there will be one performance of the play in an auditorium that seats 500 people. what is the domain of the function that shows the profit as a function of the number of tickets sold?  
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Asap (i need to finish this quick) graph complete the sequence of transformations that produces △x'y'z' from △xyz. a clockwise rotation ° about the origin followed by a translation units to the right and 6 units down produces δx'y'z' from δxyz.
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Jake volunteers to out his younger brother's basketball team in his free time. one of his tasks is to ensure that all the basketballs have enough air in them. given that a properly inflated basketball measures 8.8 inches across, what is the total volume of air inside six of jake’s basketballs? assume that the wall of each ball is infinitely thin.
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Explain whether this dilation is an enlargement or a reduction, and how you know.
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Using algebra, prove that 0.136 (3,6 recurring) is equal in value to 1/33....
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